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Clinical collaborators needed!

We are seeking clinical collaborators who work with persons diagnosed with ALS and who would like to help us evaluate a system for creating individualized synthetic voices for augmentative communication devices. The system will be evaluated using people who have been diagnosed with ALS and who are still speaking. The synthetic voices created using the system will sound like the person with ALS, and will be available for use by that person. The system requires that clients with ALS record an inventory of words and phrases. Clinical collaborators will identify clients as good candidates for recording personalized synthetic voices, instruct clients on how to record their voices using software from our Laboratory, and provide both formal and informal feedback to help us improve the system.

For the evaluation, we are specifically looking for:

Clinicians, the clients, and their families will be asked to evaluate both the process of creating the voices and their satisfaction with the resulting synthetic voices. No monetary compensation will be offered. However, clients will be able to keep and use the synthesis software and synthetic voices they create and will receive any future improved versions of the software as well.

If you are a clinician interested in learning more about possible participation in the evaluation, or if you would like to receive a newsletter with updates on our research, contact us!


* Clients will not be accepted for the study if it is the view of their attending physician and/or speech language pathologist that they will be unable to complete the study.