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Clinician Participation

Either clinicians will travel to our laboratory or a member of our staff will travel to clinics to demonstrate the ModelTalker synthesis system and run clinicians through the process of creating a synthetic voice. Comments and questions will be noted and used to improve the materials. Collaborating clinics will be given copies of the ModelTalker synthesis and InvTool recording software for distribution to users. The clinician will help the user gain access to necessary hardware and will assist the user through the training process. Because we are unable to provide PCs to all participants, we are seeking collaborators who have access to Windows PCs that can be used in this study. We will provide throat microphones (if necessary). Users will have as much time as necessary to record their speech. Once it is recorded, the speech will be converted to a ModelTalker speech database using BCCdb (accomplished by clicking a button on the InvTool system). If there are problems with the conversion process or the resulting voice, clinicians will be able to upload the materials via the internet to our laboratory for analysis (and hopefully repair) of the problem. Finally, at the end of the subject evaluation period, each cooperating clinician will also be asked to fill out the survey keeping in mind that their answers to questions should reflect their overall assessment of the (possibly numerous) users they have overseen in the process.