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BCCdb Software

The BCCdb program is software that puts the inventory of recorded speech from the InvTool program into a form that the ModelTalker program can use for speech synthesis. This program takes a list of speech filenames (automatically created by the InvTool program) and creates a new or updated database of speech for the ModelTalker program.

The program can print a number of different warning and error messages to report problems it encounters in building the database. Many of the warning messages are potentially informative or diagnostic of problems with the recorded inventory. Error messages typically mean that at least one utterance intended to be part of the database will not be included, and in the worst case can mean that it is impossible to create a database. Clinicians will be given a list of these messages, a short description of their meaning and an indication of what action (if any) to take when they see a particular error.

The BCCdb program will log all these errors in a disk file which clinical staff will email to our laboratory for analysis.