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ModelTalker Software:

The ModelTalker synthesizer can be thought of as consisting of two components: a user interface; and the speech synthesis application.

ModelTalker Speech Synthesizer User Interface The user interface is what users see on the computer screen. Our basic user interface accepts typed text from the user or from a file, allows users to select various operating features via menus and dialogue boxes, and generally serves as the medium through which the user communicates with the synthesizer.

Behind the user interface lies the synthesizer, which carries out specific synthesis related tasks like converting text to phonemes and converting phonemes to sound. ModelTalker is designed this way to simplify the substitution of different user interfaces to the synthesizer application. For example, many computer-based AAC devices can be thought of as alternative user interfaces which could be connected directly to the ModelTalker synthesizer, bypassing the regular ModelTalker user interface. To further simplify this process, we will be changing aspects of the ModelTalker synthesizer to make it fully compliant with emerging standards in speech synthesizer applications.

Download InvTool Speech Recorder and ModelTalker Speech Synthesis Software