Simplified Vowel Synthesis Interface

This interface allows you to synthesize non-nasalized monopthongal English vowels using the Klatt synthesizer. It provides control over vowel duration, voice pitch, and the first three formant frequencies. All the other possible control parameters are fixed at (reasonable?) defaults. For a much more general interface to the synthesizer, see the full Klatt Synthesis Interface. If you want a simplified interface to make CV syllables, see the CV Interface.


Vowel Duration in msec

Want to know what it sounds like?

Produce RIFF audio. This checkbox will let you select the format for the sound to be produced. The default (checked) is RIFF sound data (larger file, higher fidelity). If your computer/browser does not support RIFF (i.e., microsoft .wav format) files, or if you want shorter files because you are using a slow commuication channel, uncheck this box to receive .au audio. Some computers are configured to handle only one of these formats so if one does not work for you, try the other. If you are listening "for credit" you should be sure the box is checked.

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