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Goings on at ASEL's Speech Synthesis Lab...

Speech Synthesis

Prosody Synthesis

ASEL Speech Research Group


Prosody and Emotions in Speech

Survey of the State of Art in Human Language Technology

Linguistic List Archive

Computational Phonology Bibliography

Center for Spoken Language Understanding - Some Prosody, a little on spontaneous speech...

Speech Generation and Prosody - Index to info on everything dealing with speech

Information Based Intonation Synthesis

Boston University Signal Processing and Interpretation Lab.

Check out

Sydney University Speech Group

Fluent Dutch, Speech Synthesis Demonstration, Fluency Speech Technology, Utrecht

Acoustic Profiles in Prototypical Vocal Expression of Emotion

KTH - Emotions and Speech Examples

Expressive Synthesized Speech - Janet Cahn's master's thesis and Examples

Emotion in Speech - Reading University and Leeds University

IPO's Speech on the Web - Index, 1995

IPO's Hearing and Speech Overview - Index, 1995

ASA 130th Meeting list of abstracts - Included here because of:

IPO's Hearing and Speech Overview - Index, 1994

Speech Abstracts - Links to Speech and Language Technology (SALT) Club

Research at University of Dundee

The Computation of Prosody

Voice, Attitudes and Emotions in Speech Synthesis (VAESS) Project

VAESS Bulletin Board Related References

Computing Voice Source and Prosody - Bill Idsardi's work

Prosody & Disfluencies - Mostly for Speech Recognition, links to Boston U. and Star Labs

Prosody - Styled after Reading Text

Aligner - Speech Synthesis and Prosody - system for aligning speech features (e.g. intonation, phonemes, prosodic info) with speech

Links to useful information...

Human Language Technology - Book surveying all aspects of Spoken Language Processing

Wavelet Info

Speech Synthesis Examples

More Speech Synthesis Examples

Fourier Info

ToBI Labelling Guide

Speech Analysis Tutorial - Lund University Department of Linguistics and Phonetics

Speech Visualisation Tutorial Similar to above...

Articulatory Synthesis Articulatory synthesis at Haskins Labs particularly, a lot of good general information on articulatory synthesis, though.

DSP Info A resource for finding algorithms, general information, etc. on DSP

Audio File Formats - FAQ

Comp.Speech - FAQ

Proceedings and Publications

Language and Speech

ICASSP 95 Table of Contents ,


Institute for Perception Research, Activities of the Hearing and Speech Group in 1995,


Analysis Re-Synthesis System, Toyohashi University of Technology

ACL Proceedings

IFA Proceedings Proceedings of the Institute of Phonetic Sciences, Amsterdam

Papers from the Perception Science Laboratory, UCSC Not exactly in our area, but some interesting stuff...

Journal of Phonetics No Articles, just Tables of contents.

Journal of Sound and Vibration No Articles, just Tables of contents.

Computer Speech and Language No Articles, just Tables of contents.

Other Useful and/or Interesting links...

About HCRC Research at the Human Communication Research Center, University of Edinburgh and University of Glasgow

Institute of Phonetics and Speech Communication Contains, among other things, some interesting databases of European (esp. German) speech

Speech Recognition Links

ATT Bell Labs

Bell Labs TTS

Speech Synthesis at the ICP

Virtual Inflection: The Search for Prosody Beyond Speech - Prosody on the net.

Speech on the Web A starting link to all sorts of speech and phonetic related links

Institute of Phonetics A starting link to all sorts of speech and phonetic related links

Klatt Audio Notes Examples of speech synthesizers throughout history

Speech Processing and Auditory Perception Laboratory - UCLA Examples of speech synthesizers throughout history

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