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1991-present, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
1985-90, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA


1991-present, Alfred. I. duPont Institute, Wilmington, DE

Co-director of the Rehabilitation Robotics Group. As part of the NIDRR funded Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) in Robotics, I have been involved in the following projects:

Sensory Feedback: The development of a proprioceptive feedback system that would enable a person with spinal cord injury to control a rehabilitation robot: specific responsibilities include, defining entire project, supervising students and post-docs, developing, modeling and simulating the test-bed system.

Proprioceptive User Control of a Rehab Robot: Development of a master-slave robotic system for people with tremor and spasms. Using signal processing techniques to filter out unwanted tremor through software filters and mechanical impedance. Specific responsibilities include, student supervision, project direction, development of mechanical models and controls.

Powered Orthosis: Development of a hybrid passive/active orthosis for people with MD. Specific responsibilities include, directing the project, developing of a novel passive gravity balancing technique, student supervision, investigation of bilateral (force and position) control.

Chameleon: An applied research project to develop a low-cost, cable operated manipulator, adaptable to various disabilities. Specific responsibilities include, directing project, supervising students, designing entire system, analyzing human parameters.

1990-91, Alfred I. duPont Institute, Wilmington, DE

Post Doctoral Research Fellow. Responsible for directing two research projects in rehabilitation robotics: shoulder interface design for a rehabilitation robot; rehabilitation robot assessment project. Accomplishments included, researching background in rehabilitation robotics, development of a three-axis isometric joystick, design and construction of a shoulder interface to a robot, development of software code for controls.

1985-90, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA