A Letter of Dedication

The following "letter" was read to those in attendance at Christ Community Church on January 26, 1997 when we dedicated Megan and Rachel to our Lord. By doing so, we acknowledged that our children are a true gift from God. We also made a commitment to being the best parents we could be with help from Jesus Christ and the "family" He has made us a part of. While this was written for a specific occasion, we would like to share those thoughts and our heartfelt thanks with all of those who have supported and encouraged us this past year.

To our families and our brothers and sisters at Christ Community Church,

As we think back over these last nine months, we are so very thankful for the gifts that God has entrusted to us ... our daughters Megan and Rachel. Our hearts cannot fully express the gratitude we feel for how God has provided for us, and for how He has worked through all of you to meet our needs.

Although it is not nearly enough, we just want to say "thank you" for giving us support and encouragement when we were afraid, for sharing our tears and joy when God blessed us with two precious miracles, for your generous gifts, meals, and assistance when times were difficult, and most of all for your constant love and your prayers that continue to give us strength and hope.

May God bless you and may He give us the strength to follow your example of showing Christ's love to those around us. As we dedicate our children, we also dedicate ourselves ... to God, and through Christ, to you ... our family.

With love,
Chris & Karen

Chris Pennington <penningt@asel.udel.edu>
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