ASEL Research

As a member of the Natural Language Interfaces group, my primary concentration is in the Natural Language Processing Lab. Projects in this lab focus on applying Artifical Intelligence techniques to help improve the efficiency and usability of current AAC systems. Current methods we are investigating include compansion and intelligent word prediction. We are also currently examining the types of interaction that take place in dialog, especially between AAC users and their conversational partners. See our pilot study for more details.

Another project I am working on is LASO (Library of Adaptable Software Objects). LASO is a C++-based object-oriented software architecture for designing AAC systems.

Finally, I am responsible for programming the Animation Project Shell. Its purpose is to collect data about how young children respond to various ways of representing actions (line drawings, cartoons, animation, video).

Ph.D. Research

My dissertation research is in the areas of Natural Language Generation and Computer-Assisted Language Learning. The working title of my thesis is An Adaptive Response Generator for Correcting the Written English of American Sign Language Natives. This work is part of a larger project named ICICLE (Intelligent Computer Identification and Correction of Language Errors). My advisor is Dr. Kathy McCoy.
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