L541: Introductory Phonetics (Spring 2004)
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WaveSurfer Guide for L541

Part 9: F0 plot

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Preparation: Use the sound file hw08_thai_demo.wav for your practice. Open the file with the Waveform cofiguration. Create a Pitch Contour pane.

NOTE: Examples show only the pitch contour plot.

From the pitch contour above, can you tell the sex of this speaker?

Average range of fundamental frequencies are:

Male 120 Hz
Female 220 Hz
Children 270-550 Hz

Now take a look at some properties of the pitch contour plot. Right click on the pitch plot and select Properties...:

In the Data Plot tab, you can change the parameters for F0 plot display and the parameters for data saving.

Change Plot value bounds to suitable values. In this example, min=50 and max=200. (Unit is Hz.)

Check the Lock data plot button.

Click the Pitch contour tab. The parameters in the Pitch contour tab are used for estimating F0 values.

Pitch method: Select ESPS

Max and Min pitch values: Adjust suitable values for a speaker. In this exercise, use min=60 Hz and max=150 Hz.

Frame interval: 0.01 s (See below).


Changing parameters of Pitch contour will produce a different F0 plot.

ESPS method


AMDF method


Prepared by Kyoko Nagao
Last updated on Mar 11, 2004