L541: Introductory Phonetics (Spring 2004)
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WaveSurfer Guide for L541

Part 3: Sound Edit

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Open and listen to a sound file.

  1. Download snd4ws01.wav to the L541Lab folder. [snd4ws01.wav (316 kb)]
  2. From the WaveSurfer Menu Bar, select File, then Open snd4ws01.wav.
  3. From the list that appears in a separate window, select Waveform configuration . Then Click OK.
  4. Listen to whole sound.
  5. Select a waveform portion for a word "play" in this sound. Use zoom function and replay function.
    Need to review Guide part 2: Basic audio control?
  6. Select a waveform portion for a word "speaker" in the same sound.
  7. Find the [s] in the word "speaker". Select and play it.
  8. Select the rest of the word "speaker" (without the [s]). Does the first sound sound like the initial sound in " play"?

Add a spectrogram pane

  1. Right-click on a waveform pane.
  2. Select Create Pane to Spectrogram and click.

Save the selection as a new file

  1. Select the waveform for "speaker".
  2. Go Edit and select Zero Cross Adjust.
  3. Go File and select Save selection. Save to the L541Lab folder. Name the file as "snd4lab01_XXN.wav" (Replace XX with your initial and N with your session number).

Inserting silence in the sound.

  1. Open "snd4lab01.wav" with Waveform configuration.
  2. Add a spectrogram pane. Does the left edge of spectrogram show any information?
  3. Move cursor to the very beginning of the sound. Be careful not to select any portions.
  4. From Transform, select Silence. You'll see a new window:

    If you don't see this window, undo the job and try again. Make sure you are not selecting any parts.
  5. In the box, type 0.050 and click OK.
  6. Do the same thing at the end of the sound. Save the file.
  7. Did you notice a difference in spectrogram?

Reverse the sound (Play backward)

  1. Let's use the snd4ws01.wav again.
  2. Open the file with Spectrogram configuration. Add a Waveform pane.
  3. Select a portion for a word 'playback'.
  4. From Menu, select Transform to Reverse and click.
  5. Play selection.
  6. With the same selection, select Transform to Reverse to cancel out the change.

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Prepared by Kyoko Nagao
Last updated on Jan 21, 2004