L541: Introductory Phonetics (Spring 2004)
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WaveSurfer Guide for L541

Part 1: Installation

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Download and Install WaveSurfer (1.5.7)

  1. Make a new folder named "L541Lab" in the CFS (or any locations you want to work).
  2. Go to the Phonetics Lab page for downloading WaveSurfer 1.5.7. Select Windows or Mac version. Linux version is available, but class doesn't support Linux version. If you want to check or modify the codes, select "Source release for all platforms".
  3. Download and extract the file to your L541Lab folder.
  4. Go to the L541Lab folder. Double-click theWaveSurfer icon. You should see the WaveSurfer window:
  5. Create a shortcut to WaveSurfer on your desktop. Also, create a shortcut to the L541Lab folder on your desktop. You don't need to make these shortcuts, but I refer these locations in my manuals.
  6. WaveSurfer for Windows

    WaveSurfer for Macintosh OS X

    Source release for all platforms

Open a sound file.

  1. Download the following file for a test sound. Right-click on the link of [testsnd.wav (57 kb)], select "Save target as ...", and save the file to the L541Lab folder.
  2. From the WaveSurfer Menu Bar, select File, then Open.
  3. Choose testsnd.wav, and click Open.
  4. From the list that appears in a separate window, select IPA transcription. Then Click OK.

Now click the play icon in the Audio control. You should hear "bead".

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Prepared by Kyoko Nagao
Last updated on Jan 17, 2004