sf - Synthesize File


sf	[-gain:[+-]<db>] <input.ksp> <input.wav> <output.wav>


sf reads a file containing synthesis parameters (typically created by program gensyn) plus a file containing excitation waveforms (typically created by program synsrc) and writes a synthetic speech waveform file. sf implements most of the code described by Klatt (1980) for software synthesis, but does not contain the source generation code from Klatt's synthesizer. Instead, sf accepts precomputed excitation waveforms which are then passed through the formant resonator sections of the Klatt synthesizer. The voicing source generated within the Klatt (1980) synthesizer was not as natural sounding as many more recent models.


           Provides an overall amplitude adjustment to prevent
           clipping in the generated waveform. The peak amplitude
           value of the waveform is printed (in dB) on program 
           completion. If the peak value exceeds 0 dB, enter
           a negative gain factor large enough to bring the peak
           level to below 0 dB.