klatlk - Klatt Synthesis Program


klatlk	[-gain:[+-]<db>] <input.ksp> <output.wav>


klatlk reads a file containing synthesis parameters (typically created by program gensyn) and writes a synthetic speech waveform file. This program is an implementation of the software described by Klatt (1980). In particular, klatlk implements the code presented in functions PARCOE.FOR and COEWAV.FOR of the Klatt (1980) paper to convert the values of 39 control parameters to synthetic speech waveforms. Some small changes have been made to extend slightly the capability of the functions described by Klatt. See the description of gensyn) for information on these changes to the original model.


           Provides an overall amplitude adjustment to prevent
           clipping in the generated waveform. The peak amplitude
           value of the waveform is printed (in dB) on program 
           completion. If the peak value exceeds 0 dB, enter
           a negative gain factor large enough to bring the peak
           level to below 0 dB.