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Speech Research Facilities


  • One UltraSparc 250 dual-CPU server
  • One Sparc 20 workstation
  • One Sparc 5 workstation
  • Two SGI Indy workstations
  • Two Pentium PCs for realtime experiment control
  • Six Pentium Desktop systems (Linux and/or Windows)
  • Four Pentium Laptop systems

Lab-specific Software:

  • Entropic ESPS/Waves+ available for Unix/Linux workstations
  • Macromedia Director 7.0
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev 3.0
  • Adobe Photoshop 6.0
  • Java/C/C++ compilers/development environments
  • Assorted "Office" software
  • Non-commercial research software (including locally developed)
    • Discrete Hidden Markov Modeling Software
    • Neural network software
    • Speech analysis/synthesis software
    • Waveform display/editing software

Additional Hardware:

  • 6' x 8' IAC sound attenuating room
  • Tucker-Davis signal aquisition/processing/presentation hardware
  • Dalanco-Spry Model-250 TMS-320 DSP cards
  • Two professional DAT systems (Sony PCM-2500 & PCM-2800)
  • SA Associates 16-Channel EEG aquisition system
  • Touch-sensitive CRT display and input terminal
  • Assorted high quality microphones/headsets/audio equipment

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