recordwav - Record .wav format file


recordwav [-nc:1|2] wave_file


recordwav is an extremely simple audiorecording facility which produces an output file in local .wav format (i.e., a file that can be displayed and edited with edw and associated programs). Once started, the program immediately begins putting data into the output file and stops only when ^C is entered from the keyboard. Record levels and sampling rates must be adjusted independently with a gaintool or audio control panel prior to running recordwav.


Because of the limited telephone quality Sparc codec, there are no options accepted for the Sparc version of recordwav; signals are always recorded as single channel 8 kHz data. However, the u_law encoded samples received from the Sparc codec are converted to linear 16-bit data before being saved to disk. Options available on SGI machines (Indys and probably Indigos with Irix 5.x) are:
Number of input channels to read and save. The arguement n should be either 1 or 2, default is 1.