putseg - copy .SEG info to a .WAV file


putseg [-old] [-off:n] [-echo] [-edit] [-alter] input[.seg] output[.wav]


putseg reads segment definitions from input.seg and writes it into output.wav


Interpret begin and end values as sample numbers.
-off: n
Offset all segment locations by n msecs. (i.e., add n msec to the beginning and end of each segment as it is added).
Echo processes to screen.
Merges segment definitions into current segment table. Name collisions are assumed to be redefinitions of existing segments unless the -alter switch is also set. Thus, existing segments which match new segments by name are redefined unless -alter is also set. For RIFF file format, names are case senstive.
Alter segment names on name collisions. If a segment name in the input matches that of an existing segment, append one or more digits to the end of the input name to create a unique name.


This command has been rewritten in C (previous version was in Fortran) and now can load extended segment tables into RIFF format files.


getseg (1)


H. T. Bunnell