wavgst, wavpst - Read or write the segment table of a waveform file


#include "wiodef.h"
void wavgst (WVFILE *wfp, SEGTABLE *s_table)
void wavpst (WVFILE *wfp, SEGTABLE *s_table)


wavgst() copies the segment data from a waveform associated with wfp to s_table. wavpst() applies the segment data from s_table to a waveform associated with wfp. The segment data in the wavform is overwritten with the data in the segment table.
In wavpst(), invalid segments (name duplication or invalid endpoints) will cause an error message, and will not be added to the waveform.
The segment data is stored in a SEGTABLE structure containing an array of up to 48 SEGMENT structures. These structures are defined:

      typedef struct {
	  long     begin;
	  long     end;
	  char     name[8];
      } SEGMENT;

      typedef struct {
	  short    nseg;
	  SEGMENT  segs[50];
      } SEGTABLE;


SEGMENT, SEGTABLE, wavgest(), wavpest(),
Libcwav library


H.T.Bunnell, Shirley Peters