chg_def_fmt, wavfrm- Change default internal data format & bits/sample
chg_active_fmt, wfpfrmt- Change format & bits/sample of active waveform


#include "wiodef.h"
short chg_def_fmt (short new_fmt, short new_smplbits)
short wfpfrmt (WVFILE *wfp, short new_fmt)
short chg_active_fmt (WVFILE *wfp, short new_fmt, short new_smplbits)
short wavfrm (short new_fmt)


chg_def_fmt() sets the default internal storage format to new_fmt and the internal bits per sample to new_smplbits, so that any waveform file opened from then on will be stored and manipulated in the new format and bits per sample. chg_active_fmt() sets the internal storage format of the current waveform associated with wfp to new_fmt and bits per sample to new_smplbits. This does not affect the format of any other waveforms. If new_smplbits is set to zero, it will be determined from new_fmt, if possible. wavfrm() is a macro that calls chg_def_fmt() with new_smplbits set to 0. wfpfrmt() is a macro that calls chg_active_fmt() with new_smplbits set to 0. All possible format types are described in libcwav(3).


Libcwav library


H.T.Bunnell, Shirley Peters