1. Advanced Features: The 'Settings' Menu


This section describes the InvTool settings that can be accessed using the "Settings" menu in the menu bar:

Most of these settings are present solely for the research purposes of the Speech Research Laboratory, and need not or should not be adjusted by the user. However, some of them are useful to the user; these are pointed out below.



This box controls the settings for the Performance Meters. Please read the warnings in Section 4 before you attempt to change these settings by hand.



These settings tell the program where in your computer it can find the directories it needs: where to find the audio prompts, where to store your recordings, etc. You should not need to alter these settings.



These settings determine what transcription system InvTool uses to transcribe your speech. These settings should not be changed. The option "ASEL" is the default option. The "Use Hmm" box should be checked.





Selecting this option from the menu will allow the user to do their recording in "Speed Mode." When Speed Mode is on, a check mark will appear next to "Speed" in the menu, as in the picture above. This option is still in development, and should not be selected. To turn it off, just click on "Speed" again, and the check mark will disappear.



The "Auto-Advance" option is on by default. When it is on, InvTool will automatically save your recording and advance to the next sentence in the inventory, if the recording is accepted by all three meters. When "Auto-Advance" is off, you must manually save your recordings with the "Save" button in order to advance. You may find it useful to turn off "Auto-Advance" if you believe the program frequently saves recordings that you judge to be bad. You can turn "Auto-Advance" off and on simply by clicking on it in the Settings menu.



You must register your copy of InvTool before you can upload your recordings to the SRL's database via the Internet. Registering and uploading are described in detail in Section 11.


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