1. Listening To And Re-Recording Your Sentences


There are many cases in which you may desire to listen to your recordings, and re-record some sentences. For example, you may believe you mispronounced a sentence you just recorded (e.g. you may have accidentally said "Good to meet you" instead of "Good to see you"). We also encourage you to check once in a while, especially in the early stages of recording to be sure that recordings are not getting truncated (i.e., chopped off at the beginning or end of the utterance) by the automatic silence trimming. The InvTool performance meters may not catch such mistakes, and it will automatically proceed to the next prompt (unless you have turned off the "Auto Advance" setting--see Section 9).

You can go back to the previous prompt by clicking the "Back" button near the top right corner of the InvTool interface:

The previous sentence will be re-displayed, and the audio prompt will be replayed for you. To hear your own recording, click the "Play" button, just to the left of the "Back" button (see above picture). At this point, you may re-record the sentence.

Another way of quickly navigating through the sentence list is to use the Drop-Down List, which lists all the sentences and their current recording status. This list is accessed by clicking on the little black and white square on the right-hand side, below the "Back" button:

From the list, you can scroll to any sentence in the inventory. Clicking on a sentence in the list will bring you to that point in the inventory, as shown below:

You may then play back your recording and/or re-record the sentence, as desired.

Note that each sentence in the inventory is marked according to its recording status (refer to the picture above):


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