1. Installation Of InvTool


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already accomplished most of the installation of InvTool. (If not, go on the web to www.asel.udel.edu/speech/DownloadInstr.html and proceed from there.) At this point, you should have an InvTool icon on your desktop, which when double-clicked should launch the InvTool interface, as shown in the following picture:

If nothing happens when you click the icon, do the following:

Go into the directory in which you have installed InvTool. (Unless you specified a different directory during the installation process, this should be C:\Program Files\SRL\InvTool.) Double-click on the icon labelled "register.bat" (or just "register" on some PCs):

This action will cause a new window to appear on your screen, which will look something like this:

This window runs a program that installs a file on your computer that InvTool requires in order to work on most systems. This program should only take a few seconds to run. You may close the window when the window’s title bar says "Finished", as in the picture above.


Now try double-clicking the InvTool icon again. If you are still having trouble, you may want to re-install InvTool, or contact your clinician or the Speech Research Laboratory (tts@asel.udel.edu) for assistance.


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