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Contacting the researchers

Who do I talk to about this project if I have questions or a technical problem?

    You are welcome to contact the Speech Research Lab (SRL) staff in any of these three ways.  

    If you have questions or comments that might be of general help or interest to the general public, please send them to so that everyone on that list serve can see your questions and our responses.  The web site with information and instructions for joining the ModelTalker list serve is  

    If you have private matters to discuss with our program staff or individuals in the lab, you should not send them to the public mailing list. For that, you may use or a specific individual's email.

    If you would like to discuss this project with a staff member over the telephone, please e-mail with your name, phone number, and a time that would be convenient for us to call you (we are on eastern standard time).  One of our staff will be glad to call you.

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