The Rehabilitation Robotics Research Program

Technical Reports


The purpose of this page is to serve as a resource for information on robotics hardware, software, and research for individuals, manufacturers and other research institutes.

Technical Reports Online:

Evaluation of the ART Arm, Andrew Moynahan and Carol Stanger : (ROB9401)

Range of Head Motion and Force of High Cervical Spinal Cord Injured Individuals for the Design of a Test-Bed Robotic ' System , Carol Stanger and Annaezio : (ROB9402)

Designing the User Interface for an Electro-Mechanical Assistive Manipulator , Carol Stanger : (ROB9403)

Joystick Interface for the Manus Manipulator, A. Moynahan and C. Stanger, (ROB9404)

Powered Orthosis Project Forum, Rungun Ramanathan, Sean Stroud and Dr.Michael Alexander : (ROB9405)

RSA Database, J. Schuyler and R. Mahoney : (ROB9406)

Robotically Aided Science Curriculum for Children with Severe Physical Disabilities: Year II Update, Dick Howell and Carol Stanger : (ROB9407)

Job Identification for Robotic Vocational Accomodations, R. Mahoney : (ROB9501)

Stiffness Controller, Apanna Yelamarti : (ROB9502)

Development of an Active Three-dimensional Vision Interface for Rehabilitation Robot System, Shoupu Chen : (ROB9505)

Stability Criteria for a Variable Stiffness Spring, Michael Lessig : (ROB9506)

A Summary of the ICORR'94 Discussion Groups on Safety, Assessment, Consumer issues and Human-Machine Interface , W. Harwin (ROB9507)

Direct manipulation of 3-D objects through multimodal control: Towards a robotic assistant for people with physical disabilities, Kazi, Z., Salganicoff, M., Beitler, M., Chen, S., Chester D., and Foulds, R. : (ROB9509)

1995 Robotics Questionnaire Results, Stanger and Mattie : (ROB9511)

Simulation of a One degree of freedom Torque Amplifier, Michael D. Lessing and William S. Harwin : (ROB9601)

Force Fuse Safety Devices for Assistive Robots, Leslie Hersh and Marcos Salganicoff : (ROB9602)

Results of Pageturner Questionnaire, M. Lessig : (ROB9603)

Experimentally Identifying Dynamics Model of Remote Manipulator (Zebra Zero) for a Teleoperation System, Shoupu Chen : (ROB9604)

World Information through Color Images in Task Planning for a Rehabilitation Robot, Shoupu Chen : ROB9605

A Multimodal Control Language for a Real-World Rehabilitation Robot, Zunaid Kazi : (ROB9606)

Wheelchair Robot Workshop, Richard Mahoney, Tariq Rahman : (ROB9607)

ROB=Robotics : VS=Vestibular Stimulation


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