The Rehabilitation Robotics Research Program

Evaluation of the Head-Controlled Telemanipulator


The telemanipulation test-bed is at the stage when it is ready to be evaluated. A set of tests have been designed for this purpose. These tests focus on comparing the virtual headstick's performance to that of a real headstick. Another area of focus is to evaluate the importance of force-reflection and proprioception in telemanipulation and to demonstrate the use of the telerobot in performing simple everyday tasks.

The tests will be performed using three types of interfaces:

In the first two cases, the force and position data will be collected using the kinematic routines written for the PerForce master robot. In the case of the simple helmet mounted headstick, a device called the ADL/Shooting Star measurement system will be used for collecting the data. This device is a six degree of freedom linkage with extremely light links - its end-effector will be attached to the helmet and this will allow us to perform the control experiments with minimal addition of inertial load to the headstick.

Task boards have been made for the different types of tests. A sketch of the user interacting with a task board is shown below.

The task boards will have the following tests:

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