The Rehabilitation Robotics Research Program



The Rehabilitation Robotics Research program at the Applied Science and Engineering Laboratories (ASEL) consists of a collection of research projects to aid persons with manipulation disabilities. The diverse range of projects in this program focus on interactions between the human, the tool, and the environment. The Rehabilitation Robotics Research Program also hosts the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Rehabilitation Robotics.

Research at the ASEL is guided by broad definitions of rehabilitation (providing enabling technologies rather than devices for rehabilitating an individual) and robots (comprising novel orthoses and devices that are purely electro-mechanical). A effort is made to intimately involve the consumer in all phases of research and development to ensure that research results are closely tied to the needs of the end users of this technology. This philosophy of consumer involvement is meant to ensure products that reliable, safe, cost-effective, maintainable, and that fit within the fabric of a consumer's daily life.


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