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A Report from the Chair

Geb Verburg, Bloorview MacMillian Centre

At the RESNA annual meeting in Pittsburgh, SIG members met and elected a new chair and a new vice chair. Richard Mahoney, the outgoing chair confirmed that the terms for Chair and Co-Chair are two years and that the Co-Chair automatically becomes Chair after two years. Having cleared up these details, Geb Verburg <verburg@ecf.utoronto.ca> or <ortcgv@oise.utoronto.ca> became the Chair and Tariq Rahman <rahman@ asel.udel.edu> was elected Co-Chair. For the first time in the memory of all collected members, a ballot was held to choose between the two candidates for Co-Chair.

Rehabilitation Robotics Research Seminar

This seminar, held at the RESNA annual meeting, was very well attended and received good reviews on site. The first American Manus user was interviewed during the opening session. Presentations highlighting current R&D and industry applications of robotics were delivered by American and International leaders in the field. (See article for more.)

RESNA R&D SIG-13 Sessions

Two SIG-13 paper sessions and one poster session were held at RESNA. The quality of the papers was fair to excellent. I would like to recommend that everyone planning to submit a paper to email me or the RESNA office to obtain copies of the recommended headings. Using the headings will make it easier for you to pass the paper review process since the reviewers are encouraged to judge papers by the standard headings. If you have questions please email me at the address above.

Info Highway Info

I still owe all SIG-13 members our respective email addresses. In the mean time, everyone who would like to exchange RR info can do so by using the robotics Listserv. There also is a web page for the SIG-13 (http://www.asel. udel.edu/resna-sig13)

Here are three listservers that might be of interest to you. First the SIG-13 or Assistive Robots listserver. The Assistive Robots listserver is a service of the Applied Science & Engineering Laboratories (ASEL). To subscribe, send e-mail to <majordomo@asel.udel.edu> with the message, subscribe assistive-robots. For complete list of supported commands send mail to <majordomo@asel.udel.edu> and in the body of the message type help.

The second one is Biomch-L, an E-mail discussion group for biomechanics and human/animal movement science. To subscribe, send the mail message subscribe BIOMCH-L firstname lastname (affiliation) to <LISTSERV@nic.surfnet.nl>. For more information: http://www.kin.ucalgary.ca/ isb/biomch-l.html.

The third listserver is NeuroMus <NEUROMUS@SJUVM.STJOHNS.EDU>. The NeuroMuscular Control Web Site URL is: http://indy.radiology.uiowa.edu/ Providers/PhysicalTherapy/!N.Section/NEUROPT.html.The site is part of the exceptionally large "Virtual Hospital," which explains the long address.

(Thanks to Machiel Van der Loos for providing the Listservers' URLs.)

Open Chair

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to organize anything within the SIG, please feel free to email or call me at (416) 425 6220 x3529, and I will do my best to answer. Have a good Fall.

Geb Verburg
Bloorview MacMillian Centre
350 Rumsey Road
Toronto, Ontario M4G 1R8
phone: 416-425-6220 x3529
fax: 416-425-1634
email: verburg@ecf.utoronto.ca

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