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AAATE Conference 1997: The Fourth European Conference for the Advancement of Assistive Technology
The AAATE Conference is aimed at people working or interested in rehabilitation and assistive technology. It brings together a wide spectrum of experiences and solutions to the wide range of problems in the field of rehabilitation. Different cultural backgrounds, problem-solving traditions and resources are also highlighted. AAATE has a special interest group (SIG-1) in robotics and will hold a special session on robotics at the conference. For more information, contact BIOTRAST at tel +3031277904, fax +3031277960, e-mail,
IROS'97: International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems
Grenoble, France. September 15-20, 1997. For more information, contact: C. Laugier, INRIA, e-mail:
Nineteenth Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Contact: NICE 97 SEE General Secretariat, 48 rue de la Procession, F 75724 Paris, Cedex 15, France, tel: +33 1 44 60 60, fax: + 33 1 44 49 60 44, e-mail:
ICRA'98: IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
Leuven, Belgium, May 16-21, 1998. Submissions by October 15, 1997. For more information, contact: Georges Giralt, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France. fax (335) 6155 35 77 or e-mail


Scattareggia Marchese S., Buckley M.A., Valleggi R. and Johnson, G.R.
An Optimised Design of an Active Orthosis for the Shoulder-An Iterative Approach, Proceedings of ICORR: International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics, April 1997: University of Bath, pp. 55-58
Scattareggia Marchese S., Parrini G., Buckley, M.A., Neff, G., and Johnson, G.R.
A System for Assessment of User Capapbilities and Interfaces (SAUCI), Proceedings of ICORR: International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics, April 1997: University of Bath, pp. 143-146.
Buckley, M.A. and Johnson, G.R.
Development of a New Motorised Upper Limb Orthotic System (MULOS), Proceedings of RESNA 97 Annual Conference, June 1997: RESNA Press. pp. 399-401.

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Fellowships in Rehab Robotics

R.D. Jackson Fellowships
A limited number of visiting fellowships are available to students and researchers active in the field of rehabilitation robotics and associated assistive technologies. The fellowships are to visit and work at the Applied Science & Engineering Laboratories in Wilmington, Delaware and will last for a period of between six weeks and three months. Fellows will be expected to link their research to one or more areas of interest within the ASEL. Preference given to students and researchers working in European laboratories. Applicants should submit a statement of work (that has been discussed with the organizers) and a travel plan. Scholarship will cover travel to and from the Labs and a small stipend for the duration of the fellowship.
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