RR Jumpstation: An information source for Rehab Robotics

The Rehabilitation Robotics Jumpstation is a new internet resource which facilitates the exploration of robotic systems as an enabling technology for physically disabled people. The jumpstation can be accessed at http://homepages.enterprise.net/dallaway/rrjump/ on the world wide web.

Information has been served to over 120 unique clients in the first two months of operation.

The success of the Rehabilitation Robotics Jumpstation in raising awareness of this technology is ultimately dependent on the quantity and quality of available information. Content suggestions are always welcome and may be submitted using an on-line form. Now is the time to consider the publication of your own academic papers, project descriptions and related information on the world wide web.--John Dallaway, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

To submit, contact

John L Dallaway, Information Technology Consultant
17 Hurrell Road
Cambridge CB4 3RQ United Kingdom
tel/fax +44 1223 570092



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