Re: The MUSIIC Water Leakage Dilemna

> From kazi@asel.udel.edu Wed Feb  5 14:31:26 1997
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> Subject: The MUSIIC Water Leakage Dilemna
> Date: Wed, 05 Feb 1997 14:31:18 -0500
> From: Zunaid Kazi <kazi@asel.udel.edu>
> I had recently sent in a request to facilities to see what they could 
> do about the roof leaks occurring right on top of the MUSIIC project. 
> The leaks have gotten so bad that I am apprehensive about equipment 
> damage. Shoupu and I have sort of contained the problem with the use 
> of plastic sheets and cups, but after even a minor rain work becomes 
> almost impossible.
> Facilities inform me that the problem is a manifestation of a bigger 
> problem: the roof of the old building. Until and unless "the powers 
> that be" decide to release funds to fix the problem their hands are 
> tied. They recommend that we move the project.
> Maybe that is what we should look into. I am cc'ing this email to not 
> only MUSIIC memebers but also to Rich and Tariq. Tariq wanted to move 
> the EFSB project to a less cramped quarters and meybe we could look at 
> MUSIIC re-organization in the context of a more comprehensive physical 
> re-organization of the robotics lab? 
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> Thanks,

The leaks actually occurred before the MUSIIC equipment's last move, but not 
as severe as it is now. It has been getting worse in the last couple of months. 
I called the facilities several times too. No solution. 

Maybe we can move the MUSIIC to where it was (it's simple) or call for a global 
swapping (it may take time).