The MUSIIC Water Leakage Dilemna

I had recently sent in a request to facilities to see what they could 
do about the roof leaks occurring right on top of the MUSIIC project. 
The leaks have gotten so bad that I am apprehensive about equipment 
damage. Shoupu and I have sort of contained the problem with the use 
of plastic sheets and cups, but after even a minor rain work becomes 
almost impossible.

Facilities inform me that the problem is a manifestation of a bigger 
problem: the roof of the old building. Until and unless "the powers 
that be" decide to release funds to fix the problem their hands are 
tied. They recommend that we move the project.

Maybe that is what we should look into. I am cc'ing this email to not 
only MUSIIC memebers but also to Rich and Tariq. Tariq wanted to move 
the EFSB project to a less cramped quarters and meybe we could look at 
MUSIIC re-organization in the context of a more comprehensive physical 
re-organization of the robotics lab?