Opinions and Ideas for AAAI

I recently received the schedule of events for the 1997 AAAI Fall
Symposium on Developing Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities.
Looking at the mailk header all of us involved with MUSIIC have
received the same email. 

The organizers have broken up the sessions into three main themes:

	Mobility Aids 
	Human-Computer Interaction Aids 
	Language Aids

MUSIIC has been put in the second category (The paper we sent focused 
on the interface aspects of MUSIIC).

I quote from the email:

   Each person in this session (one per paper) will have up to ten 
   minutes to discuss the needs and open problems of their work.  The 
   three most important should be highlighted.  These (along with 
   possible solutions from others' work) will be discussed in an open
   Q&A discussion format for the remainder of the session.

I would like to solicit all of your your opinion as to what you think are 
the needs and open problems facing not only MUSIIC but assistive
technology and devices in general and how AI can be useful in this area.

Please note the Saturday lunch discussion topic:

   (Open problems in assistive technology, technology transfer to and
   from the AI community, convincing the AI community that this is
   important research)

I would like to solicit some opinions about this too.


Zunaid Kazi                                        kazi@asel.udel.edu