Papers for AAAI FSS -- More information

Hello.  I've been getting several requests for more information on
submitting papers for the symposium.  Since many of you may have
similar questions, I'm sending answers to the whole group.

First of all, in an earlier message, I said that papers must be
received by 9 August for the proceedings.  It's been pointed out
to me that this is the day after AAAI ends.  For those of you who
are going to AAAI (and everyone else, since I won't be checking
attendee lists), I can extend the deadline to Monday, 12 August 
for arrival *no later than* Tuesday, 13 August.

People have asked how long their papers can be.  Please don't
exceed 10 pages.  (If you really must go over 10 pages, please e-mail
me individually.)

Please send a permission to distribute form with your paper.  You
can find this form at

You also need to submit your paper electronically.  Electronic
submission instructions can be found at

If you have special audio-visual requests (we'll have an overhead
projector and a VHS player with monitor provided normally), please
fill out the audio-visual form and send it with your paper also.
You can find this form at
(Note: disregard the date on this form -- it's from the Spring 
Symposia.  I need to send the form with the proceedings, so it needs
to be included with your paper that you send to me.)

If you're looking for formatting instructions, you can find those
at http://www.aaai.org/Publications/authorinstructions.html.

If you're looking for macros or templates, you can find those at

All of the addresses above can be accessed from
under the "For Symposia Authors" section.

If you have any other questions, please send them to me.