AAAI Fall Symposium Series : Developing Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities Abstract

Multimodal HCI for Robot Control: Towards an Intelligent Robotic 
Assistant for People with Disabilities

Zunaid Kazi, Shoupu Chen, Matthew Beitler, Daniel Chester and Richard Foulds

Abstract: The Multimodal User Supervised Interface and Intelligent Control 
(MUSIIC) project is working towards the development of an assistive robotic 
system which integrates human-computer interaction with reactive planning 
techniques borrowed from artificial intelligence. The MUSIIC system is intended 
to operate in an unstructured environment, rather than in a structured 
workcell, allowing users with physical disabilities considerable freedom and 
flexibility in terms of control and operating ease. This paper reports on 
the current status of the MUSIIC project.

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