HCI journal paper rejected

I just received the results of the review of our paper for the
HCI journal. The main reason ascribed was that the paper fell
in the gray area between a theoretical paper and an emprirical
paper. Both reviewers wanted hard results, something that we 
don't have since it is still work in progress. I do agree with and
accept the reasons for the rejection.

However I am happy because both the reviewers were impressed
with the project in general, and I quote...

"I am very impressed with the approach taken in this work, and
the work that has been done so far seems focused and smart-good 
decisions were made about what to do on the robot end and on the 
user end in restricting speech and gesture. I'd be happy
to review another submission should the authors chose to submit
to HCI again." - reviewer 1

- zunaid

Zunaid Kazi                                        kazi@asel.udel.edu
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