IJCAI workshop on AI applications for disabled people: Book proposal

   This mail message is a follow up to the workshop on AI applications
   for disabled people that was held at IJCAI in Montreal last
   August. After the workshop, we (John and I) were approached by
   Elsevier Publishers wondering whether we would like to select some
   of the papers in the workshop proceedings and have them published
   in the form of a book. Based on reviews and the presentations, John
   and I have tentatively selected about 10 papers that we think would
   form a good collection representing the workshop. This mail is to
   inform you that your paper is one of these ten, and to solicit your
   opinion as to whether you would be interested in expanding/revising
   your paper for the book. We would like to have papers that are
   approximately 20 pages for the book. Since the page size in a book
   is smaller, the overall length may be about what you submitted to
   the workshop. If you would like to be an author in this collection,
   we will need to have you revise your paper somewhat to try and take
   into account the presentations at the workshop, as well as
   integrate any additional results that might now be available to you.

   I will need to hear from you (yes/no/maybe) in the next few days so
   that John and I can go decide whether we want to go ahead and
   submit a formal proposal to Elsevier Publishers for this
   collection. We believe that this book has the potential for being a
   good resource in an area that has not previously had many such

   If we do go ahead with the proposal, we will probably need your
   final versions in the next few months.

Thanks in advance,

 - Vibhu