Re: Intent to submit

>Subject: Special Issue of the journal Human-Computer Interaction
>         on the topic of "Multimodal Interfaces"
>We intend to submit a paper for this special issue. An abstract
>of the paper we intend to submit follows.
>Thank you,
>Zunaid Kazi

Thanks for your email regarding the special HCI edition, and   for your
abstract. Please see a recent edition of HCI (back page) for ``Information
to Authors" regarding style and format information. HCI papers tend to
be high quality and comprehensive, although not excessively lengthy.
Please let me know if you have questions as you prepare your manuscript.

We have had a very strong response to this special edition, which we expect
will be a double edition, so I think it will be an excellent one. We'll
look forward to
receiving your contribution.

Best regards,

Sharon Oviatt