IJCAI Workshop on AI Applications for People with Disabilities

Dear Workshop Participant,

Thank you for submitting a paper to the IJCAI-95 Workshop on
Developing AI Applications for People with Disabilities.  We are happy
to inform you that your submission has been accepted for inclusion in
the workshop proceedings. Please note that, this does *not*, however
imply that you will be asked to make a formal presentation.  There are
two reasons for this: (1) We had many good submissions, and since this
is only a one day workshop, we can have very few presentations if we
want to leave time for discussion, and (2) we hope to structure formal
presentations around certain topic areas and the demonstrations.

However, we would like you all to be able to attend and participate in
this workshop, so if your attendance is dependent upon your being able
to have a presentation, please let us know *immediately* so that we
may work out some arrangement. Note that student authors should be
able to apply for the IJCAI scholarship on the basis of an "accepted
workshop paper" without having to present it.

This message is being sent to only the first authors of the papers. We
would appreciate it if you could let your co-authors know about this
message as well.

Please remember that you must register for both IJCAI-95 and the
workshop to attend.  If you do not receive registration materials in
the mail by June 1, please let us know.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Montreal!

John Aronis & Vibhu Mittal