Three degree of freedom haptic mouth-stick

To design and implement a prototype 3 degree of freedom haptic for a person using a mouth-stick (ie high spinal cord injury) or a person with muscular dystrophy (ie limited hand movement). This is essentially the same device with different interfaces.

This will be a single group project and as such the contribution of each person becomes critical to the eventual success. After spring break we will begin to identify the electrical, mechanical and computing aspects of this project. Each of these aspects will have two primary member and two secondary members contributing to the work. Each week we will have a short meeting after lectures/presentations so all the group is familiar with plans and progress.

Design criteria

Two possible arrangements are given in the handout, these are intended for discussion, not necessarily the basis for the final prototype.

Movement in R 4ins D

Movement in horizontal plane (Theta) 60 deg D >60 deg W

Movement in sagital plane (phi) +20 -10 D

Mechanical ridgitiy

R complexity Theta complexity Phi complexity


Low Inertia

OTS components

Stability D Finger operation W Interchangable mouth pieces D Back drivable Safety D

William Harwin

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