duPont Hospital for Children and the University of Delaware
Vol. 2, No. 3 -- Summer/Fall 1997

PAR from Many Perspectives

This issue of The Innovator is chock-full of information. First, we have an excerpt from a report from the 1995 Conference, "Forging Collaborative Partnerships in the Study of Disability -- A NIDRR Conference on Participatory Action Research." That report is a wealth of information on PAR for Innovator readers. In this issue, we feature an article about the significance of the PAR approach. It contains sections on trends related to PAR and a little history of PAR within NIDRR research. It's great background reading. Next issue will feature more detailed descriptions of NIDRR projects utilizing PAR.

Second, we have an article written in response to Jim Fee's article, "Consumer & Engineer: The Creation of a Device" in the first issue of The Innovator. Jan Little from the RERC on Orthotics and Prosthetics has contributed an article describing her experiences getting assistive technology from the drawing board to reality.

-><- Finally, Tariq Rahman, an engineer at the Applied Science & Engineering Laboratories, reviews "Consumer Participation & Outcomes Research," which appeared in Rehab Management.

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Inside This Issue

Participatory Research -- The first in a series of articles taken from an NIDRR report on a PAR conference; this article focuses on the significance of PAR.

Consumer Perspectives -- Jan Little discusses (with a sense of humor) the trials and tribulations involved in taking Assistive Technology from dream to reality.

Consumers & Research -- Engineer Tariq Rahman reviews an article entitled "Consumer Participation & Outcomes Research" from Rehab Management.

Coming Next Issue

Participatory Research -- Other NIDRR projects featuring PAR.

Of Interest

* Humpty Dumpty In Reverse: Workshop Manual -- Manual to sensitize packaging designers to the needs of people with disabilities. Includes a section on the value of consumer input. Cost is $30. Contact: Access/Abilities, PO Box 458, Mill Valley, CA 94942, phone 415-388-3250