Vol. 1, Issue 1 -- March, 1995

Egg Breaker Design Team

By Rob Bates & Bob Piech

This team purpose is to design a device that will break open an egg for someone who cannot separate the shell in the usual manner with their hands. The team consists of both engineers and possible consumers of the device. The consumers have diverse disabilities which range from mobility impairments to visual ones.

Performance qualities were listed in order of priority from each member of the group. Then a final tally of criteria was agreed upon. Areas of concern such as overall performance, safety, maintenance, operation, cost, aesthetics, and installation were covered in the list. After this process was completed, the team was ready to think about possible ideas that would meet the criteria.

During the next several meetings, different drawings were created and discussed. The good and bad points of each were reviewed.

The team has video taped attempts with several early models. These have not worked out but have generated new ideas. One concern is whether a model can be developed which meets all design criteria and can still be readily mass produced by a manufacturer. We are still considering the different ways to design the final prototype.

For more information, check out the Egg Breaker Design Team Home Page.