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Variability in Word Duration as a Function of Probability, Speech Style, and Prosody
Rachel E. Baker, Ann R. Bradlow
Event-related Potentials Reflecting the Processing of Phonological Constraint Violations
Ulrike Domahs, Wolfgang Kehrein, Johannes Knaus, Richard Wiese, Matthias Schlesewsky
L1-Spanish Speakers' Acquisition of the English /i/-/I/ contrast II: Perception of Vowel Inherent Spectral Change
Geoffrey Stewart Morrison

Supplementary material for this manuscript
Phonetic Specificity in Early Lexical Acquisition: New Evidence from Consonants in Coda Positions
Thierry Nazzi, Josiane Bertoncini
Intentional Control and Operational Constraints in Prosodic Phrasing: A Study of Picture-elicited Narrations by French Children
Monique Vion, Annie Colas