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52 (2&3)  Special Issue on Audiovisual Prosody

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Audiovisual Prosody - Introduction to the Special Issue
Emiel Krahmer, Marc Swerts
Optical Phonetics and Visual Perception of Lexical and Phrasal Stress in English
Rebecca Scarborough, Patricia Keating, Sven L. Mattys, Taehong Cho, Abeer Alwan
Interaction of Audition and Vision for the Perception of Prosodic Contrastive Focus
Marion Dohen, Hélène Loevenbruck

Are Eyebrow Movements Linked to Voice Variations and Turn-Taking in Dialogue? An Experimental Investigation
Isabelle Guaïtella, Serge Santi, Benoît Lagrue, Christian Cavé

Mutimodal Indices to Japanese and French Prosodically Expressed Social Affects
Albert Rilliard, Takaaki Shochi, Jean-Claude Martin, Donna Erickson, Véronique Aubergé

Effects of Varying Rate of Signing on ASL Manual Signs and Nonmanual Markers
Ronnie B. Wilbur

Visual Intonation in the Prosody of a Sign Language
Svetlana Dachkovsky, Wendy Sandler

Mixed Signals: Combining Linguistic and Affective Functions of Eyebrows in Questions in Sign Language of the Netherlands
Connie de Vos, Els van der Kooij, Onno Crasborn

Recalibration of Phonetic Categories by Lipread Speech: Measuring Aftereffects After a Twenty-Four Hours Delay
Jean Vroomen, Martijn Baart

MushyPeek - A Framework for Online Investigation of Audiovisual Dialogue Phenomena
Jens Edlund, Jonas Beskow

Mapping and Manipulating Facial Expression
Barry-John Theobald, Iain Matthews, Michael Mangini, Jeffrey R. Spies, Timothy R. Brick, Jeffrey F. Cohn, Steven M. Boker