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Automatic Syllabification in English: A Comparison of Different Algorithms
Yannick Marchand, Connie R. Adsett, Robert I. Damper
Syllable Timing and Pausing: Evidence from Cantonese
Conrad Perry, Richard Kwok-Shing Wong, Stephen Matthews
Measuring Phonological Development: A Follow-up Study of Five Children Acquiring Finnish
Katri Saaristo-Helin

Japanese Mental Syllabary and Effects of Mora, Syllable, Bi-mora and Word Frequencies on Japanese Speech Production
Katsuo Tamaoka, Shogo Makioka

Independent Effects of Orthographic and Phonological Facilitation on Spoken Word Production in Mandarin
Qingfang Zhang, Hsuan-Chih Chen, Brendan Stuart Weekes, Yufang Yang