Language and Speech Link
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51 (4)  285-399

Articles 285-399
L1-Spanish speakers' acquisition of the English /i/-/I/ contrast: Duration-based perception is not the initial developmental stage
Geoffrey Stewart Morrison

Supplementary material for this manuscript
Child-adult differences in second-language phonological learning: The role of cross-language similarity
Wendy Baker, Pavel Trofimovich, James E. Flege, Molly Mack, Randall Halter
Perceptual tests of rhythmic similarity: II. Syllable rhythm
Jeesun Kim, Chris Davis, Anne Cutler

Word length and lexical competition: Longer is the same as shorter
Michael S. Vitevitch, Melissa K. Stamer, Joan A. Sereno

Compensatory vowel lengthening for omitted coda consonants: A phonetic investigation of childrenÂ’s early representations of prosodic words
Jae Yung Song, Katherine Demuth