ICSLP 96 Technical Program Overview

DayTechnical Sessions
LectureThA1LP Opening Ceremony and Plenary Lecture
LectureThA2L1 Large Vocabulary
LectureThA2L2 Multimodal ASR (Face and Lips)
LectureThA2L3 Perception of Words
PosterThA2P1 Phonetics, Transcription, and Analysis
PosterThA2P2 Spoken Language Processing for Special Populations
LectureThA2S1 Dialogue Special Session I
LectureThP1L1 Language Modeling I
LectureThP1L2 Feature Extraction for Speech Recognition I
LectureThP1L3 Speech Production - Measurement and Modeling
PosterThP1P1 Speech Coding / HMMs and NNs in ASR
LectureThP1S1 Dialogue Special Session II
LectureThP1S2 Neural Models of Speech Processing I
LectureThP2L1 Language Modeling II
LectureThP2L2 Feature Extraction for Speech Recognition II
LectureThP2L3 Vowels
PosterThP2P1 NNs and Stochastic Modeling
LectureThP2S1 Dialogue Special Session III
LectureThP2S2 Neural Models of Speech Processing II
LectureFrA1L1 Utterance Verification and Word Spotting
LectureFrA1L2 Acquisition/Learning Training L2 Learners
LectureFrA1L3 Focus, Stress and Accent
PosterFrA1P1 Spoken Language Dialogue and Conversation
PosterFrA1P2 Speech Disorders
LectureFrA1S1 Vocal Tract Geometry I
LectureFrA2L1 Prosody in ASR and Segmentation
LectureFrA2L2 Acquisition and Learning by Machine
LectureFrA2L3 Dialogue Systems
PosterFrA2P1 Speech Enhancement and Robust Processing
LectureFrA2S1 Vocal Tract Geometry II
LectureFrP1L1 Speaker Adaptation and Normalization I
LectureFrP1L2 Spoken Language and NLP I
LectureFrP1L3 Spoken Discourse Analysis/Synthesis
PosterFrP1P1 Acoustic Modeling I
LectureFrP1S1 Physics and Simulation of the Vocal Tract I
LectureFrP2L1 Speaker Adaptation and Normalization II
LectureFrP2L2 Spoken Language and NLP II
LectureFrP2L3 Duration and Rhythm
PosterFrP2P1 Acoustic Analysis
LectureFrP2S1 Physics and Simulation of the Vocal Tract II
LectureSaA1L1 Speech Recognition Using HMMs and NNs
LectureSaA1L2 Adverse Environments and Multiple Microphones
LectureSaA1L3 Prosodic Synthesis in Dialogue
PosterSaA1P1 Speech Synthesis
PosterSaA1P2 Instructional Technology for Spoken Language
LectureSaA1S1 Multimodal Spoken Language Processing I
LectureSaA2L1 Prosody - Phonological/Phonetic Measures
LectureSaA2L2 Phonetics and Perception
LectureSaA2L3 Language Acquisition
PosterSaA2P1 Production and Prosody Posters
LectureSaA2S1 Multimodal Spoken Language Processing II
PosterSaA2 Emotion in Recognition and Synthesis (Poster Preview)
LectureSaP1L1 User- Machine Interfaces
LectureSaP1L2 TTS Systems and Rules
LectureSaP1L3 Prosody and Labeling
PosterSaP1P1 Speaker/Language Identification and Verification
LectureSaP1S1 Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition: The Switchboard Domain I
LectureSaP1S2 Emotion in Recognition and Synthesis I
LectureSaP2L1 Stochastic Techniques in Robust Speech Recognition
LectureSaP2L2 Prosodic Synthesis in Text to Speech
LectureSaP2L3 Dialogue Events
PosterSaP2P1 Databases and Tools
LectureSaP2S1 Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition: The Switchboard Domain II
LectureSaP2S2 Emotion in Recognition and Synthesis II
LectureSuA1L1 Robust Speech Processing
LectureSuA1L2 Dialects and Speaking Styles
LectureSuA1L3 Production and Perception of Prosody
PosterSuA1P1 Topics in ASR and Search
PosterSuA1P2 Multimodal Dialogue/HCI
LectureSuA1S1 Multilingual Speech Processing I
LectureSuA2L1 Acoustics in Synthesis
LectureSuA2L2 Pitch and Rate
LectureSuA2L3 Acoustic Modeling II
PosterSuA2P1 General ASR Posters
LectureSuA2S1 Multilingual Speech Processing II
LectureSuP1L1 Data- based Synthesis
LectureSuP1L2 Speaker Identification and Verification
LectureSuP1L3 Acoustic Phonetics
PosterSuP1P1 Perception of Vowels and Consonants
LectureSuP2LP Closing Ceremony and Plenary Lecture