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ASEL's Mission


ASEL's mission is to facilitate greater opportunities for individuals with disabilities through comprehensive assistive technology research, outreach, and information programs. The overarching goal is to support people with disabilities as they pursue their educational, vocational, and independent living goals.

ASEL's research program addresses a wide range of Assistive Technology areas joined by a common focus on the person-machine interface.

Information and outreach programs serve consumers, family members, service providers, policymakers, manufacturers, and researchers.

In this Web Site, you'll find many different projects, each with its own unique mission.
ASEL is a unique blend of different programs and services--two Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers, a "Tech Act" project, an outreach program for students with disabilities, an Internet-based training program for school districts and AT specialists, a Consumer Innovation Laboratory, and other programs. ASEL brings together these diverse projects so that they may cooperate to achieve their goals.


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